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Spot Lift The Flap Collection (7 Books)

S$67.00 S$33.99

Join Spot for some lift-the-flap fun. Peep through the flaps to guess who’s on the other side then turn over to see.

Perfect for toddlers and children learning to read. Search for the playful puppy by lifting the flaps on every page to see where he is hiding!

Dear Zoo – A Lift-The-Flap Book

S$14.00 S$12.99

Rod Campbell’s classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo has been a firm favorite with toddlers and parents alike ever since it was first published in 1982.

Young readers love lifting the flaps to discover the animals the zoo has sent-a monkey, a lion, and even an elephant! But will they ever find the perfect pet?

With bright, bold artwork, a catchy refrain, and a whole host of favorite animals, Dear Zoo is a must for every child’s bookshelf.

Peter Rabbit: A Peep-Inside Tale

S$22.00 S$11.99

Peter Rabbit is so busy in the garden eating radishes that he doesn’t notice a red tail poking out of the bushes . . . Will Peter spot Mr.Tod before it’s too late? Join Peter Rabbit on this adventure story in this brilliant new board book format with flaps to lift and holes to peep through.

Usborne Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: Beauty And The Beast

S$25.00 S$11.99

A beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale, with fabulous illustrations by Lorena Alvarez and intricate, cut-out windows to peep through. Little children will love following Belle and the birds into the Beast’s house, discovering the shy Beast hiding in the garden, the harp that plays itself – and the handsome Prince in the mirror.

Usborne Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: Cinderella

S$25.00 S$11.99

Little children can peep through the laser-cut pages of this magical book and follow Cinderella through a fairytale city to meet her perfect prince. Beneath the flaps they can discover Cinderella’s fairy godmother, her selfish stepsisters and a fabulous golden carriage. A delightful way to introduce children to this much-loved tale.

Usborne Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood

S$25.00 S$11.99

An enchantingly illustrated, lift-the-flap version of the classic fairy tale. Little children can peep through intricate, laser-cut holes into the dark woods, lift the flaps to see what’s beyond the trees, and keep an eye out for the Big Bad Wolf as they follow Little Red Riding Hood through the fairytale forest.

Usborne Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty

S$25.00 S$11.99

Little children will love this magical retelling of the classic fairy tale, with delicate cutaways, holes to peep through and stunning illustrations from Karl James Mountford. Cursed at birth, Sleeping Beauty is destined to fall asleep for a hundred years on her sixteenth birthday. Can the good fairies, and true love’s first kiss, save her?

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? – A Lift-The-Flap Book

S$14.00 S$12.99

Karen Katz’s adorable babies play peekaboo in this delightful interactive book. The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share.

“Where are Baby’s hands? Under the bubbles!”
“Where are baby’s eyes? Under her hat!”

Where’s Spot? – A Lift-The-Flap Book

S$15.00 S$12.99

The simple text and colourful pictures will engage a whole new generation of pre-readers as they lift the picture flaps in search of Spot. A number 1 bestseller since it was first published in 1980. this interactive favourite has stayed in the charts ever since.